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Corbin’s Visual Seat Configurator

Corbin’s Visual Seat Configurator

Yes it’s Christmas; a time when every woman’s fancy turns to Prada or a new pair of Jimmy’s …unless she’s a biker of course in which case the lure of Corbin’s new Visual Seat Configurator will likely prove too much temptation.

Howto: Carbon brush replacement on CB400 (NC31)

I’m probably gonna spew; I remember thinking after the 3rd time of pushing my 200Kg Honda from the roundabout up to our apartment; such are the joys of nursing a bike with a broken starter. Nearly 2 months of finding convenient inclines to park my bike to roll start it later not to mention attempts […]

Twitter’s new API 1.1 Who needs it!

Well looks like Twitter decided to roll out it’s new API and in the process broke every third party widget and plugin in the process–congrats! Also notice that Twitter has decided to bolt down most customization to twitter feeds. By that I mean you cannot disable your avatar, twitter name or name with the resulting […]

Building a Product Nobody Wants

The largest source of waste in the startup, says author and entrepreneur Eric Ries, is building a product that no one will find useful. This is not a technical error, but rather a tactical one. Find out early if your product has merit by developing two teams in-house: One that works on problems uncovering who […]